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 Alexandra Krautz
 Mail: prkl@prkl-pics.com

  ... in music (main task):
    • single gigs or small tour
    • festivals
    • tour-diaries
    • reviews
    • interviews
    • promo-shooting
    • special events (on demand)

  ... others:
    • theme events (e.g. samba festival, carnival, etc)
    • company events (e.g. conventions, work parties, etc)
    • gardens & zoos
    • sceneries
    • private-model shooting
    • ... and more (just ask!)

personal note:
preferably i shoot spontaneous action - the happening of the moment - and i like unusual photographies, also under hard conditions (e.g. moving objects, dark and/or unfavorable light, stage smoke, etc). in promotional shootings i don't like to present the band as "smiling stones" or "plastic dolls" rather than to show them with a congenial presence and an attitude, which takes account of the band's manner.

the camera makes you forget you're there. it's not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much.
(annie leibovitz)

i think all photographers fit their vision to their personality.
(kim weston)

every single moment is a coincidence.
(doug coupland)